Troubadour Leather Care Cream

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A proprietary formula featuring all-natural ingredients designed specifically for Troubadour's vegetable-tanned leather products.

The moisturising cream works to nourish fine leather, ensuring the material maintains its flexibility and does not dry out with age. It permeates the leather while still allowing it to breathe. Serves as an excellent preventive measure against potential cracking and wear.

Made in Japan
55 grams
In stock

Step One:
Brush off any dust or dirt from the leather; a clean surface is ideal. Wrap a corner of the cloth around your index and middle finger, then feed the cloth into your palm to secure.

Step Two:
Dab the cloth into the cream for a small, coin-sized dollop.

Step Three:
In a circular motion, gently rub the cream all over the leather.

Step Four:
Only a small amount of cream is needed to achieve desired effect. Voila!

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