DRIVE - Dragon Review by Fay Khoo

DRIVE - Dragon Review by Fay Khoo

Since their introduction to Australia, Dragon bags have proven to be phenomenally popular, thanks not least to their extreme functionality and the gorgeous intricacy of the woven leatherwork. The Hunt editor Fay Khoo takes one of the Dragon bags for a test drive.


I have very pronounced preferences when it comes to bags, and two things always determine whether a prospective bag makes it home with me: the length of the handles and whether a bag has a zip. With their signature short handles, and open basket styles, everything about a Dragon bag should ensure that I won’t find it appealing, and yet it draws me in, slowly but surely, until I am irrevocably sold.


True, cross body bags, traditionally my bag of choice, afford me the freedom of hands-free portability, but the short handles of the Dragon prove not to be a problem, because they sit so comfortably on my forearm that I often forget a bag is there at all, which is no mean feat, because it is truly a workhorse that carries much more than its fair share of daily essentials. That’s largely because the leather weave is as utilitarian as it is aesthetically appealing. Even when I’ve punished it with a load that causes the bag to resemble an overfed goldfish, it simply springs back to its original shape when the contents have finally been disgorged. And even though I’ve been given to scoffing at friends who seem to carry their entire homes in their bags, I’ve often found myself doing the same with my Dragon, if only because it’s so accommodating, in every sense of the word.


Which brings me to the second ‘consideration’, the fact that the Dragon is a zipless leather basket. Contrary to my fears that things would spill out at the most inopportune moment thanks to the absence of an enclosure, the openness of my Dragon means I can find my keys with a modicum of fuss, every single time, and contents can be unearthed quickly, which is particularly useful when tempers are frayed, and time is of the essence.


Finally, there is the unmistakeable appeal of the bag. The indigo colour makes it an extremely versatile bag to match any colour palette I might choose for the day, and while it doesn’t mean I have completely crossed over to the dark side of short handled, zipless bags, when it comes to my Dragon, there is no other way I would have it. 

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