Front Row Society "Incandescent" Scarf

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Front Row Society was founded in Berlin in 2011, as a fashion brand with a contemporary aesthetic that combines sophisticated designs with subtle details. Each collection is developed in collaboration with a community of artists from all over the world.

Each Front Row Society piece is a sophisticated translation of an art piece or technique into a beautiful, wearable garment made of high quality materials. Simplicity is most important in Front Row Society’s collections; inspiring stories come to life in pure reduced designs that create a unique yet effortless style.

The Front Row Society Scarf Project is a seasonal design competition. For each competition a design brief and colour story are released and are open to anyone.
The designs that make it to print are voted for by the public and votes come in from every corner of the globe.
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Designed by DLKG Design

Artist's Inspiration:
"When Wilhelm Roentgen discovered a ray that would pass through most substances, identifying shadows of solid objects on pieces of film, he named it X-ray. The X was to represent an unknown quantity, and the fluorescent glow produced was the ray. This design was inspired by the unearthly glow creating a incandescent feast of flowers."

Artist's Bio:
"We are a São Paulo based design team made up by two sisters: Debora and Lilian Galvao. We collaborate on all of our designs together: we can honestly say we complete each other, as we both have our own unique skills and art techniques that we merge together. Every process of creation with us starts from the basics: we sketch, paint, and create collages and drawings with a variety of different media. We enjoy creating different types of designs that challenge us to grow."

Composition: 100% Cashmere
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Brand The Artists Label
Size Height 75
Size Length 180