The Artists Label Bronte Curves Print Scarf - Silk

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Bronte Curves by Tony Tetro

This Easter saw some beautiful waves in Sydney. This photo is a close up of a wave I caught on Easter weekend and when you look at the way the water is being torn to shreds by the movement of the ocean and the effect of the wind it creates a unique and dynamic design that is frozen in time.

Tony Tetro is often considered the world’s greatest living art forger. In a career spanning over 40 years, Tetro forged works by old and contemporary masters in every genre. From Chagall to Rembrandt to Dali to Rothko, his extraordinary talent was to create works so real, so plausible that they passed even the closest scrutiny of the most discerning eyes.

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The Artists Label (formerly Front Row Society) was founded in Berlin in 2011 as a collaborative endeavour with artists from around the world. An Artists Label scarf is a sophisticated, eminently wearable expression of art, or inspiring stories brought vividly to life. Each season, a design brief and colour story are provided, and submitted designs are chosen by public vote. Often ethereal and always imbued with vibrant, rich colours, The Artists Label scarves are available in Hunt in cashmere, silk, and modal, with designs from four seasons to look forward to every year.

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Brand The Artists Label
Size Height 70
Size Length 195