RIMOWA is a global leader in the premium luggage space. The brand, which was founded in 1898 revolutionized the travel industry in 1937 with its iconic aluminium trunk, and was the first company to produce suitcases made out of polycarbonate in 2000. Celebrating its 120th anniversary, RIMOWA continues to create suitcases for purposeful travellers, placing quality and innovation at its core. Its suitcases, which are designed and engineered in a RIMOWA owned factory in Germany, are the product of a unique manufacturing process that combines heritage and craftsmanship with the rigors of modern technology. RIMOWA was acquired by the LVMH Group in January 2017 and is headquartered in Cologne, Germany.

The pioneer of fine leather and luggage brands in Australia, Hunt introduced Australians to RIMOWA in 2002, and it has since enjoyed spectacular growth, with the first RIMOWA shop-in-shop opening in Brisbane in 2012, and the first Australian flagship store launching at 5 Martin Place in Sydney, in 2016.