Barantani was established in Parma, Italy, in 1966 by Mr. Ezio Barantani, who was later joined by his brother Italo. Their philosophy: to focus upon quality. They created their own inimitable style, using superb leathers and craftsmanship.

Hunt Leather has brought Barantani to Australia since the late 1970s. We consider Barantani to be the best maker in the world, of the styles they make. They are a very serious, wealthy and old established family firm in northern Italy and they don’t cut corners. They specialise in briefcases, attaché cases, folios and duffle bags, of the finest quality.

We are now dealing with the second generation Barantanis, who have brought a new freshness to the collections, expanding the range of messengers and women’s handbags, and incorporating modern functionality in the briefcases.

Every Barantani item is made to order, and we specify only their very best leathers, which are exclusive to Barantani.

  • Black Dalo – smooth, soft, supple, but still thick and durable – best suited to the slimmer folios and compendiums - little scratches easily rub out with wear
  • Black “Lux” – thicker, shinier grainy leather – a little stiffer for bigger briefcases that need more support – extremely durable, softens and develops a more matte patina with time
  • Dark Brown “Vacchetta” – stunning, grainy leather which burnishes beautifully

We truly believe in and admire this company and its products – they really stand the test of time. And Parma – well, it’s the home of Parmigiano Reggiano – a very nice place to buy from!