Maison Takuya Tablet Mini Stand

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This innovative design lets you rest your tablet, iPhone or iPad with ease and style in any setting. Light enough to travel with, this piece from Maison Takuya makes an excellent housewarming gift, and is a modern day essential.


Size L x H x D (cm)
14.8cm x 9.3cm x 3.9cm

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Maison Takuya was born from the idea of combining influences and skills from all over the world to assemble all the techniques leading to the best leather items and reunite them, applying the watch-making traditions, into a single brand. While every item is computer designed, all the steps required to remain hand-made in the production process are kept 100% hand-made. As machine sewing can in no way compete with hand-sewing, most of the Maison Takuya items are totally handstitched. The machine is used exclusively in the seldom cases when it is better than the hand, for example for zip stitching. This philosophy is applied at every manufacturing step of these highly precious leather items.

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