Le Foulonné Zip Coin purse 3686021

Small and delightful, this zipped coin purse is made from supple, Foulonné grained leather.

1 main zipped compartment
1 zipped compartment
  • 047 Black
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  • 127 BlueOut of stock
  • 282 Celadon greenOut of stock
  • 504 Cognac
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  • 018 Pink
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  • 133 Powder pinkOut of stock
  • 608 VermilionOut of stock
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More Information
Longchamp Style 3686021
Longchamp Line Le Foulonné
Longchamp category Coin purse
Longchamp Line Description As Longchamp's emblematic line, Le Foulonné constantly updates its designs in a myriad of colour combinations. These small leather goods constitute a selection of elegant and discreet accessories that are perfect wherever you go. A casual chic look down to the smallest details.
Longchamp Size 10 x 07 x 03; 4 x 3 x 1 1/4
Longchamp Care Instructions This article has been manufactured with the greatest care; it is nevertheless fragile and must be protected from rain. Appearance can change with use, particularly in areas subjected to repeated rubbing. Dark or bright colours may bleed onto light-coloured clothes, especially in moist conditions. Brush leather areas regularly with Longchamp colourless polish. This product can be protected by applying a waterproofing agent, following the recommendations given by the manufacturer.
Brand Longchamp
Shipping Size Small
Bag Color Black

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