Claramonte Large Pouch

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Claramonte Shoulder Bag/Clutch Claramonte Shoulder Bag/Clutch Claramonte Shoulder Bag/Clutch
Claramonte is a young French leathergoods collection, a collaboration between designers Phillipe Bertrand and Pierre Gionnet.

Both designers draw inspiration from nomadic cultures, exotic fabrics and intricate embroidery. Their designs are contemporary and sophisticated. Claramonte are exceptionally skilled in traditional techniques, specifically in weaving and embroidery.

The Claramonte collections are designed in Paris and hand-crafted in Morocco, in beautiful woven lambskin. Betty and Henry Hunt discovered these bags in Paris in 2014. They need to be touched to full appreciate its supple feel.

We know from experience that despite its delicate appearance, woven lambskin is incredibly hard-wearing. However we would always recommend caution with possible dye transfer as always with new bags on light clothing in rain or humid weather.


Size L x H x D (cm)
27cm x 22cm x 7cm

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