Back in the 1920s, the Morenete family, the present-day owner of the Lupo Barcelona brand, was dedicated to leather crafts and the manufacture of suitcases, small portable wardrobes and the wide-bottomed chests so popular in that period.

The quality of their designs and finished products made their products a resounding success. The American marines coming ashore at the port of the Barcelona even bought them as gifts. These “European articles” made entirely by hand were considered to be luxury items.

In more recent decades, the Morenete family had several outlets selling leather goods in Barcelona. This gave the current executive team considerable savoir-faire in the sales area plus a sharp insight into market needs and desires.

It was against this background of accessory manufacturing and contact with end users that Mireia Morenete, now the company’s design manager, developed her own, personal style. She became aware of the great difference between the Spanish market and that of other countries. After years of experience she decided to dedicate all her efforts to design. The concept she sought to transmit was very clear: quality and design were to be the foremost characteristics of her accessories, and when José María Morenete realised the possibilities of the products that Mireia envisaged, he decided to establish the Lupo Barcelona company in 1989.

The company has been awarded the ISO 9001 quality seal by the Department of Industry of the regional Spanish authorities (Lupo Barcelona is the first brand in this industry to be awarded this seal).

Rapid growth made it necessary for the brand to have its own workshops in order to control production down to the last detail. The factory has gradually increased in size since 1995 and now covers over 7000 m2 with more than 100 hundred employees.

Lupo Barcelona considers the choice of raw materials to be one of the most important stages in the entire process, hence the particular emphasis on their selection process. All suppliers are required to have quality assurance certificates to ensure that all items have homogeneous colour, feel and strength.

Lupo Barcelona keeps a very close watch over the products used – from dyes to leathers – to ensure that they comply with all the requirements of environmental protection legislation. In this respect, the leather contains no amines – a highly pollutant ammonium derivate. What’s more, the tanned hide used is usually all obtained from bovines and always from animals bred basically for the food industry. In addition, the trimmings are manufactured to order without nickel.

The advantage of the low-key image and sophisticated urban style of Lupo Barcelona creations is that they are “timeless”. The particular way in which Mireia Morenete reworks trends minimises the risks involved in slavishly following dictates that sometimes last no more than six months.

Hunt Leather and Lupo

We first discovered Lupo in 2001 in the year the pleated Abanico were launched, at the prestigious Mipel fair when they won the best design award. (The first time the award was made to a non-Italian firm).

Since then the brand has grown to be one of our top suppliers, with its own loyal customers. The Barcelona collection was introduced in about 2003 and is now, along with the Destiny range, also a “classic” collection. Each season Lupo have a distinct new colour palette, and introduce at least six or seven new ranges as well as their classics.

The interior of a Lupo bag is FABULOUS – the contrasting, light colours are so appealing, as is the array of pockets common to every Lupo. The leathers are superbly long-lasting, as our customers and staff can attest.

About Lupo
About Lupo